Licensed Real Estate Agency

User Guide


How do I create my ad in Shanashel?

To post your ad in Shanasel you need to follow these steps:

  1. Log-In and this is don by creating a new account for you: choose either "USER" in case you are a new user,or choose "AGENT" in case you are the owner of a real estate office or real estate company.
  2. Enter correct "Email" and "Password" and the company will contact you within the customer service center.
  3. After you Log-In click "Submit a Free A" .
  4. You will enter a new list,,fill in the correct information about your real estate,and start by "AD TITLE" ,and make it a special title.
  5. choose "Property Category".
  6. The location of the property is important :start by selecting "Governorate" and "City" then nearest location then your location on Map .
  7. Set the "Price" and determine if the price is "Final" or "Negotiable" .
  8. Set "Area Lenght" .
  9. Upload pictures of your property according to the number seted by the site: try to choose beautiful and attractive pictures to bring you more customers
  10. The following information: is to give users more information about your property .. All the information you write will increase the number of users and bring you more customers.
  11. Ad Description: You can write notes and new information about your property.
  12. Click "Submit" .
  13. You will see a message at the top of the page informing you that your ad has been successfully displayed,If you do not see this message, there is a flaw in the filling of information try to review your information.
  14. After the company receives your ad, it will be reviewed and then approved for publication
  15. You will receive an email telling you the details of your ad and the date of activation .
  16. Ads are free.
  17. Shanashel is yours:and we work for your service.