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The Remarkable Trends of Iraqi Properties Prices

February 01st, 2020



He pointed out that «there are promoters of this type of investment, including real estate companies, and some of these companies to organize the process of rent throughout the months of the year for tourists in exchange for good amounts of money, in addition to permitting permanent residence in Azerbaijan, which I can settle at any time».

"These statistics show the extent of the depletion of the Iraqi monetary mass in the country," said Burhan Abdullah, a member of the Parliamentary Economics and Investment Committee. "Abdullah blamed the Iraqi private and government banks, which created an environment of repelling investment in the country, even if the banks were proactive in investing cash deposits in the field of housing for citizens to buy housing units in other countries». As a result, The Iraqis are now on the list, with Saudis and Kuwaitis finishing second and third respectively. The number of homes purchased by Iraqis in Turkey in one year, is almost 8 thousand and 909 properties, while the Saudis bought 6 thousand and 107 homes, Kuwaitis 4 thousand and 672 housing units.

By Nasser Hason
AL Hayat website

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