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Chairman’s Message

The real estate market in Iraq is a huge, renewed and diverse market. There are lots of deals every day. Its current reality shows that it needs an administrative tool capable of accommodating this volume and at the same time has the ability to manage these deals professionally and easily where the user announces or searches for what they want with ease.

Because we are in the age of technology we decided to design a specialized website (website) for this market. Yes, there are a lot of sites, but we have studied them and we have identified the strengths and weaknesses, and the results shows us that we need a new platform.To be a professional platform in which a lot of features that attract the customers of this market and all the pioneers of websites and these qualities of simplicity of work and modern design and did not forget the heritage of our beloved country. From all this, "Shanashel" was borned to add a civilized touch of real estate in Iraq.

Shanashel is your real estate platform. 

With all Iraqi hospitality, We proudly say: " Wellcome, in Shanashel".